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FOS Natural Creativity

 Drinking, eating, exercise three mandatory daily procedures to live healthy with wellness.

he three products of FOS natural creativity support exactly this triptych based mainly on the use of high quality natural ingredients.

Mala Peruviana

Mala peruviana red 500ml

Mala peruviana orange 500ml

Mala peruviana virgin blend 200ml

Natural red tomato juice with mild acidity and strong aroma of summer fruit. Rich in lycopene.

It is used in cooking, in the preparation of cocktails, as an energy drink in sport and of course as a refreshing juice. More


Natural orange tomato juice with a sweeter aftertaste and very rich in lycopene.

An innovative product which sets new standards for tomato juice color and flavor.

Used in the preparation of cocktails, in cooking, as an energy drink in sport and of course as a refreshing juice. More

Natural red tomato juice with 4 vegetables puree. Ideal combination to be consumed fresh as is.

It is a natural energy drink for athletes, mainly for aerobic gymnastics and marathon runners.

Used in sports as an energy drink, in the preparation of cocktails (a ready virgin mary) and finally as a refreshing juice.More

Mala Dreats Red More

Mala Dreats Earth More

Mala Dreats Fire More

About Us

FOS natural creativity is located on central mainland Greece, at Vagia Viotias. It is specialized in quantifying quality products of tomato sauce mainly Mala Peruviana 500 ml, which is fresh juice of red tomato. More...


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Communication Department : Potidaias 6,
Processing and Storage unit : 25 March 37 Vagia
Thiva, Greece
Phone: +302130057038
Mob.: +306972220530


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