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About Us

The Sun

The crystal clear water

...and the precious Greek land


...give Mala Peruviana the unsurpassed quality that characterizes it.

We maintain this quality by using meticulous checks that we apply from the fruit tree up to the bottle.

Human Being


The human being is just a passer-by in a continuous development. In a development that he struggles to take part in. He is trying to understand the unknown by making marks on the the canvas of the unknown. Some of the marks are used to compose the asymmetric development. Others might indicate the imperfection of the human knowledge and the ego of one gene that tries to maintain a parallel course with the universe. Either way everything around us is compositions of abstract perfection made in “hypothetical periods”.

I will be the one to breathe life into the sculpture of a human body that adjusts, beautifies, shines, is destroyed, lives to understand death and eventually becomes one with the course of the development. A breath that smell like soil. A heart that grew up with fire, stone, light and water.

 These are the ingredients that compose the sculpture’s heart. I found her alive without moving, ready to captivate my spirit, letting me smell her summer life. Painted in the most terrifying, glamorous, love color of my mind. Red. I’ ll name her TOMATO.


About Us

FOS natural creativity is located on central mainland Greece, at Vagia Viotias. It is specialized in quantifying quality products of tomato sauce mainly Mala Peruviana 500 ml, which is fresh juice of red tomato. More...


IDIOHEAD design team partners FOS natural creativity


Communication Department : Potidaias 6,
Processing and Storage unit : 25 March 37 Vagia
Thiva, Greece
Phone: +302130057038
Mob.: +306972220530


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