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  Our company FOS natural creativity is located on central mainland Greece and especially at Vagia Viotias. It is specialized in quantifying quality products of tomato sauce mainly Mala Peruviana 500 ml, which is fresh juice of red tomato.

Furthermore, last year there has been produced a juice of orange tomato and a blend of red juice fragranced with crushed fresh vegetables (a good basis for the creation of cocktail as for those who like to drink tomato juice).

Product Mala Peruviana 

   Our basic distinction is our cooperation with our own producers and agriculturalists so that the product control becomes initially in the field.

The crops’ collection is made by hand so that we can

select only the good parts of the plants.

Then there are another two phases of selection in the procedure in order to minimize the possibilities

of a rotten seed in the final product.

In this way we insure the finest quality of our final product.

Of course, this process is more expensive and requires

the allotted time.

This commits us to produce massly but on the other

hand it gives us the final qualitative result.


...Product Mala Peruviana 

The production occurs only during the summer months, mainly August-September and we use only fresh home tomatoes cultivated by Greek waters and our valuable sun.

The fields that are selected are mainly in semi-mountains regions due to the climate.

The seasonal of tomato’s seed constraints us to know the annual quantity which will be regulated to our market every year, through our associates.

Either in our local market or for exporting. An issue which will be given a solution by a two year-at least-duration of our products.

The products don’t contain additives and colorings, is pure tomato juice.

Sometimes a small quantity of lemon can be used for the adjustment of p.h., if necessary.

The usages that are typified, Mala Peruviana is for a light and healthy cooking, for the creation of a cocktail, as energy drink for athletes and as a drink-refreshment for those who love tomato juice.


Packaging Mala Peruviana 

Our company is named FOS natural creativity and its name is associated with the valuable light of the Greek sun

due to geographical position as well as the light of the Greek spirit coming from the ancient Greek years.

The name Mala Peruviana has been used to bridge (and inform) the historical interpretation of the tomato seed for the Greek origin of the products that we manufacture.

On behalf of the naming of the tomato’s seed according to history we used the name Mala Peruviana which means “Bad Peruvian”.

According to historic evidence when tomato’s plant came to Europe was named Mala Peruviana because people observed the animals were poisoned eating the plant Peruviana whose leaves contain a substance called solanine.

When they try its seed, they discovered that this valuable fruit tastily and nutritionally while it soon had an important position in their eating habits.

The colored composition of a bottle is based on the theory of Aristotle for colours. According to this theory the basic colour in the universe is black while coming from the light of the sun is red. So, in this way black is the basic colour of the bottle, FOS is our company, and red is the colour of the tomato juice.

The sperm that exists in our logo indicates the creation of life.


Packging Mala Peruviana 

The name naked tomato was given because the seed is cleaned by its pulp and the nuts remain as part of the liquids and the crushed tomato.

In the back part there is a gauge of container juice inside the bottle. Approximately it has been calculated that each bottle of 500ml contains 10 tomatoes.

At the neck of the bottle there is wax which is put from a special machine which plummets the bottles when it is wet.

A very old method used for the sealing of the bottles when there weren’t the modern lids.

We retain this method for aesthetic reasons and as a second security system in the sealing of the bottle.

The bottles of 500ml (red-orange) get into box of recycled paper, 12 at a time and the 200ml blend with the crushed vegetables, 24 pieces.

This is a brief presentation of our work and it is our pleasure that we share it together.

Presentation Fos natural creativity / Mala Peruviana pdf


About Us

FOS natural creativity is located on central mainland Greece, at Vagia Viotias. It is specialized in quantifying quality products of tomato sauce mainly Mala Peruviana 500 ml, which is fresh juice of red tomato. More...


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